Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Someone still loves you Ed Hochuli...kind of.

While your call sent me into a Hulk-esque rage Ed, I can forgive you. Everyone makes mistakes. The Chargers just have to work a little harder this season. I'm sure they can still come out on top as division leaders...maybe. With a lot of luck and relying on others to fuck up.

In other news I left my brother to deal with vicious community college recruiters on his own. My time was no better spent wandering around, trying to avoid the beggars at the bus stop.

Image credit: With Leather

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Fanny said...

I'm not going to lie, I haven't read all of either of those books. However, I will say skimming through them and outlines of them, I see nothing representing your hypothesis.
Also, everything in the Bible is open for interpretation because it ALL is interpreted from Hebrew. So, there can be some misconceptions.

And when Jesus came he took the law written before Him and explained it, and seemingly changed it because the initial understanding was so off.

So, would you mind giving me some specific verses?

"And as far as God having a human face. He has one because we made him." That is completely your own personal opinion without any evidence so I do not see why that is relevant whatsoever.