Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I slept through my psych exam last night. Good thing I get to average one out at the end of the semester. I hate when I do shit like this. Also forgot to pay my phone bill I have to run up to the mall at 10 and do that. 

Aside from those mis-steps everything is great right now. I'm working on a great project for my education course where I'll be examining conflict resolution and how it relates to the Evolution v. IDiocy debate. Clearly, I am biased. My partner for the project has been a conlfict resolution counselor for years though so score one for research. 

I'm out cycling for a few hours while we have this weather before the next few days of Tarterian hell. Summer come quickly.

Monday, March 2, 2009

hymie's basement

Somebody told me when the bomb hits
everybody in a 2-mile radius will be instantly sublimated,
but if you lay face down on the ground for some time,
avoiding the residual ripples of heat, you might survive,
permantly fucked up and twisted like you're always underwater refracted
but if you do go gas, there's nothing you can do when the air that was once you
is mingled and mashed with the kicked-up molecules of the enemy's former body
big-kid-tested, motherfucker approved.