Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I slept through my psych exam last night. Good thing I get to average one out at the end of the semester. I hate when I do shit like this. Also forgot to pay my phone bill I have to run up to the mall at 10 and do that. 

Aside from those mis-steps everything is great right now. I'm working on a great project for my education course where I'll be examining conflict resolution and how it relates to the Evolution v. IDiocy debate. Clearly, I am biased. My partner for the project has been a conlfict resolution counselor for years though so score one for research. 

I'm out cycling for a few hours while we have this weather before the next few days of Tarterian hell. Summer come quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that sucks! I used to get such bad anxiety over fear of doing that. I missed a whole class once, granted, it was only a two day seminar class in the middle of the semester, with no reminders... Worst nightmare come true! They even failed me, even though I tried to explain what happened. So I have all A's and one F on my transcripts. :)